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rencontres de lures 2019

Local drinks and food are served to welcome both new and returning participants. Our conferences take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Au quotidien, nous faisons de plus en plus de choses par internet.
  • Notre équipe première se rendait ce week-end à Villersexel pour y affronter l'équipe locale dans le cadre de la 3ème journée de championnat de 2ème division.

Each day starts with a minute summary. Presenters are asked to share with their audience a point of view, a work project or an experiment.

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There is always time at the end of each presentation for discussion and exchange with the audience. Wednesday provides a break from the conference room.

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  • Frappé par la beauté exceptionnelle de ce site perché sur un éperon rocheux situé entre la Durance et la montagne de Lure et, malgré un village en état de délabrement fort avancé, Maximilien Vox eut alors l'idée d'y faire venir tous ses amis typographeséditeursphotographesetc.
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  • 15e Rencontre - Ciném'action !
  • L'importance d'un bon design graphique | Rencontres Internationales De Lure

In Lurs, the evenings are peaceful, traffic is literally kilometres away. The village is an ideal place for relaxation. By train: The nearest station is La Brillanne-Oraison.

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A number of participants usually arrive on the Sunday afternoon train, and if you know rencontres de lures 2019 anyone travelling to Lurs by car, please do not hesitate to arrange for them to collect you and perhaps others at the station.

By car: For your GPS or internet route-planner, the postal address is: The association can provide a limited number of places rencontres de lures 2019 La Chancellerie, and at the village municipal gîte.

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Please ask for details when making your initial registration. Otherwise, participants make their own arrangements.

Table ronde: Les habits neufs de la typo typographie Membre actif depuis au sein de la fonderie typographique libre Velvetyne, Jérémy Landes est le créateur de la structure organique de design graphique et typographique Rencontres de lures 2019 Triple. Elle collabore actuellement avec le studio Bureau et TF et développe sa pratique graphique et typographique en parallèle. En il obtient le diplôme supérieur de design typographique.

The Salle Luria see plan is set out for dining at long tables, which enables groups to continue discussions which often start during the downhill walk from La Chancellerie over lunch or dinner. Participants can order either six or ten meals at the start of the week.

Résultats du week-end 14/09/2019

The association works with a local caterer to provide meals at a reasonable price in order to allow as many members as possible to attend. They give generously of their preparation time, having been attracted by the uniqueness of our formula. Our presenters and our organisers receive no payment.

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We are all volunteers. Les Rencontres week is no exception to this.

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Rather we aim to charge a fair price which reflects the quality and spirit of our ambitions. The price paid by participants includes entry to all conferences and evening activities, as well as an annual subscription to the association.

2019 Lure Show - Lure of the Year Award Winners

Transport, accommodation and meals are not included. We value the consistent support from all of these, even though these subsidies cover only a small part of our budget. The association continues to exist thanks to a different wealth of resources:

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